Welcome to Rampur Public School

Rampur Public School mutuate students into a global citizenship by inculcating humans values that promote well being at

domestic and translational scenarios, The RPS lay emphasis on teaching and learning to ensure quality education, modern

academic culture, discipline,value based work, dedication, commitment, practical exposure, innovative methodologies,

interactive learning and specialized training.

About Us

The Rampur Public School intellectuals hub is located near Police Line, spacious and well ventilated/lighted classrooms, extensive play grounds, well equipped labs, library, music and arts department, fully digital service aesthetically designed buildings. Teaching Staff: The Rampur Public School strives to house an innovative experienced staff. The members are encouraged to keep themselves updated of new tools, techniques and methodologies of teaching and their profession fields. Our Visoin is to become a unique group for learning, better governance, inclusive growth and sustainable professionalisms. Our mission is to impart value based education to society and develop excellence, unevil the obscured potential and enable them to manouevre the chariot of life.

Latest News

  • 01APR
    New session started
    April 01.04.18
    New academic year started
  • 26jan
    Republic Day Celebration
    January, 26.01.18
    The Rampur Public School celebrate the Republic day