Chairman's Message

Mohammad Azam Khan

Dear Students & Parents,
I extend a hearty welcome to the Students for new academic year and best wishes for successful globally competitive professional career. Education is the basic necessity for both male and female. It's not that school educating boys do...but unfortunately none of these have succeeded in merging quality education with our culture and thezeeb. My focus will be to maintain the excellence in education with the conservation of slowly vanishing culture and thezeeb. Keeping this idea in my mind I have initiated to make my dream come true.


I trust that the rewarding and immensely memorable backbone support of civil society, States, Parents and Guardians in particular will continuously stay with Rampur Public School. We are concerned with the holistic approach of development of students that develops self confidence and sense of entrepreneurship in them.

I congratulate students for beginning their studies from Rampur Public School. The student arriving at Rampur Public School bring with him expectations. Rampur Public School lives upto the expectations of each of the students. The institution has excellent infrastructure, brilliant faculty and a forward looking management. The library, Laboratories, the Language Lab, Humanities and modern workshop provide ample opportunity to our students for enhanced learning.

In our institution the students are taught to develop human as well as spiritual love, as only such students imprints the impression of the school when they go to different fields after schooling. No task is ever completed unless it does not bring to full satisfaction.

Founder and Chairman